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From the High’s of the NCAA Friendship Four, to the lows of the Belfast Giants defeat in Manchester, its all covered on this week’s podcast.

Aaron Murphy, Matt Nickerson and many others join a rammed show.

Strap yourself in.. its a bumpy one.

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Storm on the Horizon

Last weeks Games, This Weeks Games, Friendship Four, DOPS, Referees, TFAs, Neil Russell, Derrick Walser and much much more.. its a fully laden A View From The Bridge this week!

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The (Joey) Sideshow

A wonderful 6 point weekend for the Belfast Giants and Mark Hitchcock steps into the presenters chair to look back over the performances with Davy and Simon.

Rhonda McClure previews St Lawrence University’s appearance in the Friendship Four.

The lads discuss on-ice language, full face masks, DOPS (as usual) and they answer your TFA questions

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Trump Card

Yo Yo Yo!

Only two points from two road games, but lets not be downhearted, there’s plenty still to play for and A View From The Bridge tries to give you hope in this bleakest of days.

Colin Shields joins Davy for a Chat.

Aaron, Davy and Patrick breakdown the weekends match ups
Rhonda McClure chats to the captain of Umass, Steve Iacobelis, in our latest Friendship Four Preview.

And as always we look around the league, answer your TFA questions and preview the long three game weekend against Fife, Cardiff and Edinburgh

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The Bear Necessities

One Bumper Edition of A View From The Bridge features everything from inflatable bears to a singing General Manager. What more could you want?

Davy, Patrick and Simon Kitchen discuss the weekend’s mixture of performances against the Clan and Devils.

Michael Quesnele tells us what team mate he’d like to play more like.

TV’s Neil “The Coach” Russell explains why he’s a Beliber.

We look at The Fan Agenda, the Player of the Month and more.

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