Giants Comfortable In 4-1 Win Over Blaze

The SSE Arena crew had an impressive turnaround overnight, going from a sensational sold out, beer soaked, Gerry Cinnamon gig Friday to a clean sheet of ice and tonight's clash between your Belfast Giants and the Coventry Blaze. In fact, they had done such a good clean up job that the only remnant of Gerry... Continue Reading →

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Giants Bury Stars In Seven Goal Halloween Thriller

It was a welcome return to #HockeyWeather on Friday night at the SSE Arena, as fans filed in out of a cold, wet and dark Belfast night for the Belfast Giants annual Halloween game. True to form, the home crowd was littered with witches hats, devil horns, skeletons, sombreros, batman, a corpse bride, a baby... Continue Reading →

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Giants Rally In Third But Lulea Dominant In CHL Win

Things the Swedish are good at: Flat-pack furniture Meatballs Disco Things the Swedish are EXTREMELY good at: Ice Hockey Let me illustrate the point by taking a quick look at the winners of the Champions Hockey League to date: 2014-15: Lulea [SWEDEN] 2015-16: Frolunda [SWEDEN] 2016-17: Frolunda [SWEDEN] 2017-18: JYP [FINLAND... quite close to SWEDEN]... Continue Reading →

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